Report – February 2022

Maggie Williams opened the first meeting of 2022 for the Little Waltham Gardening Club with a reminder of the annual Spring Show to be held this year on the 9th April at the Memorial Hall. Due to rising costs, our annual membership has had to increase this year to £10 whilst guests will continue to pay £3 per visit.

The members enjoyed an excellent presentation by plantsman, George Lockwood who spoke knowledgeably about Plants for Silty, Sandy and Clay Soils. As many of us gardeners have problems with clay soil around Essex, he concentrated on plants that coped well in clay.

George suggested adding organic matter to your soil during the warmer months and watering in the morning. As an organic gardener he encourages ladybirds, lacewings and hoverflies as these, and especially their larvae will eat aphids. A most informative evening enjoyed by all the members.

Members and guests are welcome to join us at the AGM on Wednesday 2nd March at which time we will discuss the show schedule covering flower arrangements, Craft, Cookery, Photography and of course flowers and vegetables.